New Nilfgaard cards

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Since I haven't really seen a thread about NG I would like to briefly discuss the new cards.

  • Thanedd Turncoat: brokvar hunter with a deploy and a slightly worse engine ability. It's a good card for its cost; not much to say here except that playing an engine on your side of the board is way better than using informants or emissaries

  • Master of Puppets: fun card when you pull it off, not so fun for the opponent. I'd say it's most effective as a round 3 surprise card when you have last say, sort of a bronze Vattier. It's memey, but interesting.

  • Fercart: generically good thinning Gold for any deck with special cards. It's the second best spy-generator after Emhyr, but I really fail to see the relevance of special cards with the spy archetype

  • Artaud. It's the dream card for Assimilate, but its requirements don't fit too well with the more all-in lists, since you need to find and keep a Torturer in hand. As for spies, it doesn't seem to answer any critical issue (e.g. what to do when Emhyr is answered).
    Fundamentally what I don't like about Artaud is that it's trying to push an hybrid between the two things. Ultimately it's a good legendary, but it's not a game changer.

On a other topic, I wish CDPR buffed Ducal guards and Ard Feainn Heavy Cavalry, because they got really powercrept


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