New player here – am I not welcome in Dora 2?

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Hello everyone. Few days ago I decided to try and make the move from league to Dota 2 for a few reasons. I demo a few heroes, decided to try and learn the role of support, since for me it will be easier to learn the game with. Then I decided to play All pick – I gotta say, dota 2 is really fun and the most complex and IMO interesting moba out here – but the players -why?

When trying to play, the game decided to put me with parties of 3 and with veterans.

In a few matches, instead of 2 top 1 mid 2 bot, one of the players decided to play jungler – I asked why – no response – we lost and rhey started flaming me, guess I was easy target.

In others, instead of helping, players decided to flame me, being toxic and even report me for “being a noob “ and in some other cases literally laughing at me using voice chat.

Dota 2 is great, but how can I feel welcome and queue up for a match when I know this is waiting for me, put against veterans who just flame instead of help – how will the game grow?



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