New player : i don’t think i’am gonna upgrade… here is why (bit of a rant).


As the title says, i'am a newcomer to this game. I'v been hooked and spent over 450+ hours so far, i can't say i haven't had my money's worth => i do enjoy the game.

BUT : i don't think i'am gonna support this project further as the fundamentals are absolutly awful considering the "style" of the game.

– What do i mean by that and why i think it's a good thing streamers start to rant about it :

— Optimisation is horrendous, out of this world bad, and it's the main factor for me to not put more money in this. This level of bad is in alpha state, it is in closed alpha state in 2017 that you make this work not in beta test 2021…

Frame drops at every start of the game, runs like shit for such a game… it is truely embarasing for BSG and nobody should cut them some slack about it ! I don't give a flying fuck about new maps…

Make your godamn game playable… i got a i7 9700k rtx2080 and the bloody thing is installed on NvME

after 450hours i can confess i''am dead sick of this level of bad performance after years… i can say star citizen is a master piece of optimisation compare to tarkov.

— the client side choice is embarassing aswell, i'am a planetside 2 veteran who was making 400-0 in my "chad days" farming thousands of certs so i know very well how to abuse netcode.

But i always have cut slack for planetside because althoug you can abuse netcode and make tons of kills that way, the respawn time is 10seconds and the servers host 800 to1200 players peak time.

Sadly, this is very embarassing that BSG is still unable to make a server side game on a f*cking lobby shooter with small maps and 12players max…. seriously Battlefield does better with better graphics, more people and server side. and don't get me started on desyncs -_-

Tarkov is a technical joke let's be honest. And the technical debt they have accumulate over the years mean refactor is a can of worms they sure have no intent to open (at least from what i'v read).

So yeah… i don't see the game going anywhere. it's a tech joke at this point. The good thing is that i do enjoy it like everyone of you reading this because it has stalker vides, it's tense, the gunplay is fantastic : theses quality alone save the game for now…

The game's future doesn't seems bright for me tho, way too much refactor to take in consideration to make all the shit i ranted above a thing from the past.


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