New player question.

Hey guys, new player here, loving it so far.

I tried my hand at several types of gameplay and have done pretty well. But I got bored and reset, I've done that twice. Mining was a cake walk, road to riches was to, trading made me 100m an hour and that got old.

I really enjoy the combat, so on this last reset I decided to make all my money from combat, knowing that it would very slow.

I'm totally ok with that, longevity and stuff. My question is about bounty difficulty. In the starting zone they were all harmless rank, perfect for a new player, but since I've left every bounty is elite, deadly, so on.

Am I just unlucky or is that the way it is? And if so, should I just farm high rez sites until I can load out a ship and engineer it?

I'm using a vulture atm and am saving for a chieftain or krait MK2.

I don't mind it taking time, I just want to break the high rez cycle but can't find missions worth it.


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