New role idea because y e s

Role idea: The Maintenance (or The Janitor) lore bit – "You just got hired in by a maintenance agency and honestly don't care about all the shenanigans going on. Are dead bodies normal round here?" team – neutral
abilities: clean – replaces report when standing near a dead body. You take 2 seconds to clean it up. There is an animation for you, but crucially, nobody else sees it, which means crew who walk past could call you out for standing near a dead body
repair – replaces use on vents. Repair the vent so it's not loose anymore and rats (or impostors) can't use them to move around. Impostors do not know when a vent is repaired, and will take 2 seconds to break and jump out of the vent if so, though they can cancel this mid-action. 15 seconds cooldown, configurable
examine – test the door functions. Allows you to shut doors briefly (1-2 seconds) and then reopen them (good for running away). Activates sabotage cooldown for that door. 20 second cooldown, configurable.
The Maintenance wins by obtaining 18 points on their maintenance goals. You earn these by testing doors (1 point), repairing vents (1 points), cleaning bodies, (2 points), fixing sabotage (2 points). Once these points are obtained, Maintenance wins, although they can still continue doing stuff on the map. Maintenance win screen will be displayed at the next meeting. Crew and Impostor can still win though. You play this role by just getting on with stuff and trying to not die. You can side with the crew or impostors, but make sure you remember that in the end, you only win by doing your tasks. You don't get any fake tasks, so you'll just have to guess which to do unfortunately.


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