New ships? Content?

Surely I can't be the only one on a Elite Dangerous hiatus after oddysy dropped.

For a new player, it's a beautiful game to explore

For some of us who have a some time in the game there really isn't much to do anymore.

I mean they could introduce new ships on a Cycle which would insentiviss people to actually go out and actually farm for them. Hek even faction ships. I would love to see a Archon delayne pirate ship one month then a few months later another faction gets their ship and so forth.

To attain these ships you don't use credits but you'd manufacture them thus introducing industry. ( just an idea) like a special vsrient of ships.

Just a thought as I feel like iv done all and seen all in elite kinda getting bored of seeing the same ships over and over again. Not to mention there really is no content for long time players other than role playing, pirating ( which they don't care about for some reason) and many other underwhelming activities that carry no weight.

Oddysy ain't content I'm sorry to tell you.

Why not allow us to use the resources from mining to build ships?

Some of you might say they don't have the.
Resources to do this, Hear me out. Introducing ships, weapons and more interactive content would definetly make them more money. Allow the community to design ship skins just like warframe does and just for cosmetic purposes you can buy them. Obviously there are many non intrusive and non pay to win ways they can implement. However I understand that this might not be their business model which is totally fine just ideas.

Imagine ship Armour kits, ( there are a few already not many) but the community designs them and a few are selected to be used after a few months thus generating income for FD and the creator. Even your human could get some cosmetics. Maybe some are buy able with the new currency we have and some you can buy with steam bucks. ( just ideas)

I feel like the trading market Def needs a rework. We don't have to go all out like Eve does but there are good aspects there that could be reimagined and implemented for elite I'd say. For instance why is selling goods on the black market just not worth it. Makes no sense. You'd rather run Robigo for an hour than actually try have fun and earn something decent out of it. Eg NPC pirating ( which they keep ruining)

All in all its just a discussion there may be flaws and what not but I personally feel and many others I used to play with after odyssey dropped that the ship has sank.

We have 4 carriers just sitting there waiting to be reclaimed becuase we honestly can't bother anymore.

I love elite, I wanna see it succeed this is why I made this. Though in this state I can only buy so many imperial cutters for storage, make meme builds, npc pirate for the fun even though apparnelty diamonds are worthless, don't get me started on fps odyssy… O7

Writren on a phone sorry about the errors.


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