New tutorial appreciation post

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I hope this doesn't bloat the sub, but I just have to give Valve props for the new tutorial. It's great! Thanks to anime, my friend that has never played dota before decided to play the game, and the experience so far has been amazing. While it didn't help my friend that much, there is no denying he's met many very talented new players that are going to get very far. It really is insane how many people have no problem playing great tinkers, broodmothers and visages in their first 5 matches total.

After coaching him for about 10 games, all of which he lost in an ultra stomp, he said he's never going to play this game again. But why would that matter? For every new genuine player, there are 10 smurfs/potential account sellers. That's even better for player count.

Can I blame smurfs tho? Not at all. If Dota is your first MOBA, and you tank your mmr learning the game, you're gonna end up in a trench that's very hard to climb out of, and you need to play hundreds of games to climb at a reasonable rate. It's much easier to just create new account, and calibrate new MMR that is probably even higher than your deserved mmr, because their algorithm thinks youre the next TI winner just because you stomped few genuinely new players in your first 5 games.

Keep going valve, I can't wait for that first smurf ban wave! It might be too late now, because everyone who was trying to get into dota due to anime already left, but I believe in you!


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