New Update is Absolute Anarchy

Greydwarves have drained my mental stability and have given me PTSD. The Greydwarf AI will just stop fighting players and start destroying structures. Me and a buddy were on a friends only server making trips back and forth to the black forest by boat mining and carrying ore back to be smelted. We were mining one day and about a dozen Greydwarves (shamans and brutes mixed into the bunch) overran us at our mining spot (we had level 1 leather armor and flint tools because resources were scarce) and we started retreating to the shore. We arrived at a mining shack we had setup on the shore where we docked and the sight was horrifying. I’m not even joking, dozens of Greydwarves were rolling over the horizon somehow still following us. We were trying to hold our own, and all of the dwarves were zoning in on the boat instead of us. Just pelting it with rocks as we were out in the open. We tried to sail away and the Greydwarves kept coming. They swam into the open seas in their efforts to continue to pursue our ship. Meanwhile, more Greydwarves continued to pour out and attack the house in the distance. I’ll never be the same again. The trees. The trees speak dwarvish. They’re everywhere.


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