New website with Tarkov Flea Market data!

Hello guys!

I'm happy to announce that my project of last few months has entered beta phase and is ready for public reveal:

Ever wanted to check how much item sells for but you are in middle of raid or away from PC? Tired of doing price per slot calculations on the fly when deciding which item to pick up? Me too. That's why I started this project and after months of some casual after hours coding it's now functional enough for public release.

How it works? Well it's not pretty. Since Tarkov has no easy way to access market data, this project consist of multiple scripts and macros. Firstly there are couple scripts that get items data (name, slots, image…) from Tarkov wiki, then an AHK script that goes through the list in-game and takes a screenshot of listings for each item. After that some image processing for best results and a run through OCR engine that gets price information out of images. Finally we have our price data and display it on a simple web app.

Things to note:

  • Due to nature of the proccess used for obtaining data, it's not 100% reliable. I usually catch mistakes before updating the data on the site, but some can sip through
  • It does not take history into account. Average price is caluclated based on top 4 Auctions that were live at the time of scanning. So if at the moment there was only 1 seller with super inflated price (or 1 normal price and 3 trolls), that's what it's going to show.
  • It check prices only in RUB, so items that normaly sell for USD or EUR might be slightly inflated.
  • There's no armors and armored vests, since durability filter is bugged and there is no way to get prices for 100% dur items

Beside all that: Not all categories are yet live (~700 items currently). I picked the ones that were easiest or I expected to be the most wanted. Since majority of work on scripts and web app is now done, I'll be importing more new data faster in the future. I plan to update prices every few days (more frequently for items like barter, and probably less frequently for stale categories such as weapons).
As the process get's more streamlined, more frequent the updates will be.

As far as web app is concerned, it's very basic at the moment. I have a lot in mind to add and optimize in future. Faster loading, mobile optimizations, sorting, tier ranking, history analityics…
It's currently hosted on a free hosting provider, so please understand if there is any slowness or downtime. It's a hobby project and I'm not making any money out of it to afford better services.

I hope you enjoy it and am happy to hear any feedback/bug reports.

Oh, and shoutout to Anton, Smoke, Sequisha, DeadlySlob and all the rest for providing hours of entertainment, while I was working on the project and couldn't play Tarkov myself <3


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