Newbie here frustrated with lack of resources

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

Hey guys, bit of a rant here:

I'm relatively new to the game (few weeks in), and I feel stuck with regard to deck building. I read all these posts about different meta decks, meme decks, etc. However, I feel like I'm stuck using the relics MO deck I've been running since early on.

Here's my main gripe: I can't figure out how to accrue enough resources to realistically build anything worthwhile. I've completed all the easy contracts (that's how I built the relics deck), but I'm constantly scraping together every 100 ore to buy kegs.

I'm hoping to build out a Lined Pockets deck (meta slave, I get it) but I'd be willing to try just about anything else than the MO deck. It's not that it's not decent, as I've climbed to rank 17 and have won about 60% of my matches.

I'm honestly just incredibly bored with it and am dying to try out just about anything else to keep the game fresh. But since I don't have any resources nor good cards for any other decks, my options are to play starter decks and get shit on or play a deck that bores me and grind out games.

Am I just hitting that tryhard wall, or will things eventually turn the corner? What can I do to build decks faster? Any insight is welcome!!


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