Newish player. Full of questions and need guidance.

Hi, I'm pretty new to the elite gaming and community.
I've watched a good few youtube guides and have got the basics in my brain. Currently flying a Diamondback Explorer scamming systems and lucrative planets. Soon I'm goona try mining.

Although the guides Ive watched are good, its hard to know where Im going. I don't mean what system, i mean the path i should take. I think its really difficult for gamers that play linear games with start middle and end to get their heads around such a different way of playing.

Sorry I'm rambling. My question is about the power factions.. Empire, Federation etc. I see you can pledge alligence to a power. Whats the benifit of that, and can you change your alligence onve choosen, or be alligned to more than one power at a time.

I love this game, but i don't want to sit here wondering what i should be doing if you get my meaning.

May the Force be with you Commanders


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