Next patch

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I am just afraid that there will be almost no real adjustments again as they just drop a new set of cards and will wait to decide what needs a buff or nerf next month… The balance patches are really the weakest part of the game. In the past there were even months we got nothing.

Yeah last time NR got reworked, but they promised that for a while and you saw the other abysmal changes especially to ST (let's buff farseer by 1 more point). They really need to tone down the superstrong cards Like Tunnel drill, Koschhey, Foltest and so on. They require almost no set-up and win you the game without specific counters, that you still have to draw with your skills.

They can't balance stuff when such binary interactions are prevalent without designing new powercreeping cards making the old cards comepletely obsolete.

I just hope they will see that the current meta is quite toxic. In tournaments SY is banned 90% of the time for sure and ST is not even a honorable mention anymore.


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