Next step : FC ?

Well, I've done a bit of everything in Elite (Trade, Exploration, Combat, not yet passenger transport) and I'm thinking about buying a FC…

Especially to make it a base for advanced exploration, a style of play I'm particularly fond of.

Now, I wonder about the costs and the viability of the thing…OK, getting 5 billions, it must be feasible, even if it's long, if I stop buying all the ships I find beautiful… But then, what is the monthly cost for such a beast? Can you leave it all alone in the depths of space for weeks on end or do you have to go board it regularly? Can the banking management of this ship be done remotely? As well as the management of its services? I've read a few tutorials but I'd like to get some feedback from players who have experienced it in real life.

Finally, last question: have any of you ever had your FC shot down by NPCs or players?

PS: if you have tips and tricks to get 5B in a few weeks, I'm interested too 😉


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