Next w*pe change – Flea Market with only found in-raid items – items from player not being found in-raid – discussion


Word "WlPE" is censored because automod is afraid I'm asking about the date of the wipe. But I'm not, just a civil (hopefully) discussion about upcoming change.

I want to focus on discussing this particular topic in this thread. I don't want to justify/talk about (let's discuss it as well if you'd like and did already) the change with Flea Market – I think this might be a good change, but I'm thinking about implications to weapons, armors and ammunition value when you CANNOT sell them on flea market after looting them from the player.

In today's podcast Nikita told us about planned flea market change for next wipe, that is not being able to sell items that are not found in-raid AND items looted from players NOT BEING found in raid.

I'm thinking about how it will change the weapons, ammunition and armor value on Flea Market.

Now, it's easy to get any weapon, any attachment and any ammo type from Flea Market, very easy. After the change, all these things are going to be ones found in containers/loose loot, nothing found on killed players. The afromentioned change will definitely limit the amount of available weapons there, making it much harder to use your favourite setup every raid (especially without traders reputation), and will favor using things you've found. I think it will add value to these items as well, maybe making them more worth looting for your own use, instead of grabbing some barter items. What you guys think? I've started this wipe, so I haven't played when there was no flea market and I'm curious what are you thoughts of this change to more hardcore version of flea market.

I'm not saying it's bad and I don't want to discuss the idea of whole found in-raid, just opinion and thoughts. It might put more pressure on unlocking traders to be able to get weapons and other stuff you want. Which I think might be good. What are your thoughts?

Thank you.

Edit: It might limit the aspect of "playing with flea market", as some players love to do it. On the other hand, flea market bots might be eradicated all together.

Hideout crafting items are now found-in-raid, which means this change can make these items much more valuable. Together with planned skills changes (new skills connected to hideout), it might make hideout even bigger part of the game.


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