Nigma it’s time to say the true

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First of all it's not a hate post ok, I'm a big fan of the team since the first time I saw they playing but somebody needs to say the true, I'm here to say what I think that's the problem of the team and just want to help, but people needs to accept to hear some criticize. W33 was kicked and we knew that this was just a matter of time for this happen, but the true is Kuro it's the bigger problem of Team Nigma right now. He kicked Matumba for no reason, he brought w33 to the team even w33 not being a tier 1 player, but the most important point is that Kuro's draft are very very bad right now. The team is soo incredible that they played very good matches even with that disvantage mostly of the time. Maybe it's time for him to think about changing him self to make the team bigger again, or even make a step aside. Again I'm a fan and I want the best for the team and in my opinion to move foward the true must be said.


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