Nikita, when are we going to fix the mag in secure case meta?

The whole issue of PvP not being profitable stems from ammo. I can get gear set after gear set with ease but the one thing that eats my money is ammo. Killing someone that is running a hex with a meta hk/m4 is nice and still a great kill but when I look in their rig and see they have no extra mags I know it’s up their ass.

Ammo is the most expensive part of a gear set and losing out on that because of this secure case meta is pretty ridiculous. I have no issue with people that put the ammo itself in their containers since it requires them to stop fighting to pack mags. But when someone doesn’t risk the most important part of a kit it’s pretty frustrating. I have to respect lvndmark and quattroAce for being one of the few streamers who actually put their mags in their rigs even though they can abuse the container mechanic.

So Nikita, when will this be fixed?


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