“Nikitas vision for the game” is not an argument anymore since twitch drops

Gonna predate this post with information that I'm playing EFT right now, it's a great game I'm having fun[1].

His integrity to the "vision" for the game summed up in one picture
There are many more examples of things for which the gamey mechanics were chosen over authenticity, but this one is most hilarious. If your gun-sim game doesn't care for believable authenthicity can it even be a gun sim at all?
Gonna give you a hard pill to swallow boomies, but your idols "vision" is gonna be evolving to whatever hits wider and wider audience.
Tarkov is nothing more than another fan-service looter shooter with color-coded drops.

[1] Not the kind of fun i wanted. I wanted stalker survival fun and instead I got apex fun. I just yolo in the game. Shit's not hard nor realistic ;).

tl;dr stop bringing "vision" into arguments. There isn't one.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/qpb4u7/nikitas_vision_for_the_game_is_not_an_argument/

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