Nilfgaard Faction

gerald witcher3 gwent

I've been playing this game for a couple years now
I'm not a pro player, and I don't copy meta decks and all that
I just really like the game, but omg..
Idk what you people think and that's kinda what I'm here for
I just searched about peoples opinions, but they usually say that the faction is not that strong .

The way I see the faction

Doesn't matter what you play ( unless it's some specific card ) they always have the option to play the same, but in a better way
What does a better way mean
Well, while you only have 2 copies of a card in your deck, nilfgaard can copy 3 or 4 of the same card you're using
So they make your play their own play, always !
So in order to counter that, you just can't play anything?

Their leader abilities are just out of this world
For example, just simply copying a card of yours, bronze or legendary, and then they can use a specific card that gives their ability back again, and use it again .

It's like devs just made the faction so it is like, take it, and you have no limits with this faction, while others always have at least a bit

Not saying other factions aren't strong enough
Every faction can be strong enough, it just depends if the opponent has a good counter deck against you, but nilfgaard just seems to ALWAYS have a good counter against you no matter the situation .

And so I tried to see if I was wrong, I played with it, made a deck pretty random, with disloyal cards, and assimilate with the leader ability to lock one enemy card and spawn a copy of it on your side ( sorry if I don't know the names, but you guys know what I mean )
And guess what
I dominated most matches
Just copying everything from the opponents deck and waiting for them to do something so I can counter it instantly

What it seems to me, is that when you play with Nilfgaard you're always the dominant player
What do you guys think?


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