No brain monster deck

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

2537 in 25 games with losses due to high rolling flurry and mirror blue coin. There is some thinking to this deck depending on match-up, but for the most part you can sleep walk through it.

Vs NG. Draw your cards and abuse coin. If not on good coin play aggressive on blue, drop rat catcher early and get it above 10 base power then drop she who knows. You can tempo pass if you are far ahead If they invo.

Vs ST, draw cards then win with no thought.

Vs SY, blue coin drop She who knows on the turn you think they will pass so they can't. On red abuse coin and win on even. Only tough match up.

VS sk. Only difficult is they draw mel rd 1. You can eat it with your 4p card if you are lucky.

Which they hotfixed this deck. Very little poor interactions and I felt dirty playing it


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