No more Caranthir x Auberon King?

witcher gwent cards

So, a deck archetype that I really enjoy but that's been suffocated by current meta decks is now facing a nerf.

  • Caranthir Ar-Feiniel: Can now only copy Monster units with a provision cost of 10 or less.

I know, noob combo. Scream it from the heavens how it's bad to play WF in the first place and how much worse of a human being I am for daring to use Caranthir on Auberon King … here's another shocker for you. I never even played Mammuna in that deck. Balls to the walls full Wild Hunt instead.

But yeah, the irony aside. I really did enjoy that interaction and now I have 1 more card that feels like it should fit into the WF deck but gameplay wise it simply doesn't.

At least Imlerith is getting a buff of 1 power and 1 less provision cost. That will totally make him fit into WF decks, right? :^) Now that was sarcasm.


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