Non meta deck

witcher gwent cards

I've played gwent for about half a year and recently quit a few season after price of power came due to burnout.

Before, i always try to play a meta deck to some degree (only play if its the faction/archetype that i liked, but even then i always stick to the meta) but i realized its become like a chore when i dont like the current meta but forced to play it because it's strong. And so i quit

I never try to be competitive (never reached pro rank, best i could is rank 1) so my question is, as someone who play a non meta deck, can you still win against most deck? I mean losing is part of the game but i just hate when you lose because the deck has the most op card that if you got matched up against it, you will most likely lose (looking at you jackpot).

Sorry if this sounds annoying, i just want to let this out of my chest cause i love gwent and i still want to play but i sorta need a "reason" to come back


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