Noob opinions on the “hardcoreness” of the game, and building the game around streamers and the like. Thoughts??

My opinions are really unpopular. I don't want Tarkov to become ridiculously hardcore and a chore to play. I don't want this game to become a job (although some people already treat it that way lol) to play and enjoy. I've played off and on for a year and a half, but I've only played 30 hours in the past month just to give you some perspective on my experience level

I realize Tarkov is supposed to be super hardcore and in the past few years it's been trailing further away from these roots. BUT I cannot see my friends or I ever touching the game again if it becomes as hardcore as some streamers (and people who spend 50+ hours a week in the game) want. Removing flea market completely? Removing secure containers? Adding a bunch of realistic health mechanics and stuff like unconsciousness? Realistic movement and inertia (maybe this is a good thing in my eyes, not really sure yet)? With these additions playing the game seems like it would be soo unenjoyable. Anyone who plays 10 hours a week or less simply couldn't play the game. I get why people think it would be awesome to have to scrap together a kit and not be able to purchase meta weapons and gear on the flea market, but here's my problem; I don't want to play for hours just to have a chance of surviving and getting a shitty scavenged, scrapped together loadout so I can get killed by someone sitting in a bush or someone who put my previous month's playtime into the game this week. That just doesn't sound enjoyable in the slightest. You already get killed by these types of players, except right now 80% of your playtime doesn't go into trying to get a simple kit. I DO AGREE the current flea market system and metas that go around can be quite annoying. I don't know what would solve these problems

Even though it's the original vision of the game, how could anybody find it enjoyable with ultra realistic mechanics? It's a video game, right? It's meant to be fun? Going unconscious, realistic movement and inflictions, just stuff like that seems like it would make the game ridiculous. Heavy bleeding was bad enough in my opinion just for the fact that it added another item you have to make sure you bring each raid. I'm pretty sure I saw a post or two about how secure containers should be removed or heavily limited. I don't really know entirely what the proposition was but if secure containers are removed then the game would be complete hell

People are going to no life this game no matter what :/ streamers right now run meta gear a week into a wipe but I don't know what could be done to fix that without alienating players like me. I want to have fun and enjoy the game. I love the game right now and I don't want it to be super hardcore ultra realism simulator. That just doesn't sound fun. You can never please everyone, so no I'm not suggesting you change the game from its original scope so I can have fun. But geez, how much of a chore do people want this game to be?


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