Noob with a Cobra MK3 (explorer/trader)

Hello commanders

So, I'm from the group that came up when EPIC gave it away for free, I'm still learning, I've already met people there who gave me some tips, and I have about 20 hours there. And I'm doing my best to learn everything myself, I don't want to bother you with noob questions

I came here, just to ask for some tips on the Cobra MK3, I bought her today. I gathered money doing delivery missions, and I will do this a few more times for a while before I venture out there, just to have a some money saved.

I saw some videos about ships, and I decided to take her because it seemed to be versatile, and as I still don't have a defined profession there, I thought her would be perfect for me

For now, I plan to be an explorer / trader

Could you give me some tips on what would be good to buy for her in this case?

it could even be a video or website, to at least give me a direction. It would be of great help

Thanks s2


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