North America desperately needs a region lock.

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So I've been playing immortal-rank pubs this morning, and in my last 3 games I had 1 (one) english speaker combined. Whether it be a peruvian flag-bearer, an assorted hispanic name, or a chinese smurf, each of them are more a commodity than a native English speaker on your team. It is impossible to find quality games as none of my teammates are able to speak my language, and none of them give a shit about winning the game from a disadvantageous position(yet their favorite heroes are pudge and riki) and begin afk farming at the drop of a hat. Muting everyone is legitimately the only way to play in this environment, and yet still I get tipped for dying by said afk teammates.

North American dota 2 players are already leaving this game(source: I knew many dota players a few years ago when I played OQs for TI9. only 1 on my former team still actively plays, and none of my friends that got me into the game play anymore), rodeo can be cited as an example where it was specifically because of the sheer quantity of peruvian players. This game is already decaying in this region, at least maintain it for the time it has left. I would easily take a 30+ minute queue (it would at least be thematic for how dead the game is here) than another game where i am the only player out of both teams with less than 100 ping (I wish I had taken screenshots, but I checked this both of my last games with the console).

I feel obligated to take refuge in EUW, even though the ping is pretty awful for midwest USA. Can a reasonable solution be made? Is this the best that the situation can be for NA players?


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