Not all randoms are bad (story)

I was playing today with some people, few of them were people I've seen on Among Us before and we became friends, but I didn't know them that good.

I was impostor, and the other one almost got voted out but he left just before that. Right before leaving he said 'Pink (me) is the other impostor :3', no one believed him cause i was like 'i am not imp :('. So straight after that I vented in front of everyone (but lime, he went other way) because i had no changes on winning, they had almost all tasks done and I am a bad impostor alone, and i do that if i have no changes. Everyone who saw me venting was just standing near me.

I called meeting and everyone who saw me venting said like 'everyone is imp but pink' 'we all vented expect pink' and they voted eachothers out! Lime was not getting it, he didn't see me vent but i think he got it too after a few moments. I was saying things like 'aw' 'i love u all' and I was so happy! The last person to get out I killed though.

Those people were so nice, and a few of them has reddit and we follow eachother!

Yeah just wanted to tell this story here so, if even one person is still reading have a good day 🙂


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