Not enough video memory to run game, allocating a source, then makes my whole screen flicker and crash. After that, it’s frozen.

Today there was a Fortnite Update that happened. I launched it and then it crashed saying "Not enough video memory to run game, allocating a source." now to clear things, I have a laptop way above the Fortnite Compatibility Requirements:

Lenovo Legion 5

i7 10th Gen 2.6Ghz


NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060

512GB Storage

Now, I have played fortnite for about 2 months already and so far nothing bad has happened until this update. When I turn on Fortnite, it just gives me that messege, and then my whole pc crashes, making my screen black/flickering, and makes all the running apps frozen. It also heats up for some reason.

Fortnite, I've had enough of this. Whenever there's a new update, something is always wrong with it, and this time, it is effecting my pc. Also keep in mind that my laptop is brand new 2020 model, and I bought it 2 months ago, so there should be no reason for any problems.

If you don't fix this glitch, more people would stop playing your game.


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