Not gonna lie, this community kinda sucks, here we go.

Valheim – Quick Tips to Start

The very people complaining about the patch are likely the same group who made cyber punk release early and made it suck. Shut up please and let the developer do the work they need to. Just because you are not being catered to does not mean the game is bad, its means you need to think about other people. Ive been playing this game since release and had 0 problems with any mechanics or features. If you want a different game go play a different game. I can agree that changes CAN be made but not that they necessarily should. The BEST part of this game is that its different from other games. Different playstyle, Different mechanics, its the best! Don't whitewash my game with your own lack of ingenuity and general laziness. If you want valhiem to be different then become a developer and make your own damn game, its that easy.

These people work hard and listen, but they shouldn't have to listen to a bunch of loud, lazy conniving fucks who dont want to allow themselves to get immersed. This aint Minecraft, its Valhiem, get over it. If you can't, then ill gladly tell you to fuck off, but honestly I'm tired of seeing lazy entitled gamers ruining good things with their lack of commitment and unwillingness to deal with even the most minor inconvenience and lately the gamer community has changed this way and I find it utterly detestable. If you dont like a game go make your own and see how far it goes. You are not the voice of casual gamers or even anyone else. Quiet down, sit back and enjoy the game before you sabotage it. That is all I got to say.


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