Not wanting your team to jail build in a public lobby is fine. That being said, building literally nothing and then opting to kill husks while a jail build is up is throwing. How is that better?

Posting this because I just watched people do it in three different matches. And before anyone jumps down my throat, I didn't start the build, I just went with what I thought everyone else wanted. Majority rule and all that.

I totally get where many people are coming from. Jailing should be done on private and many people don't like jail builds. Those opinions are totally fair and warranted. That being said, if three people want to jail build and the fourth person doesn't, then the fourth person should either say something or put up traps to make their stance clear. It takes minimal effort and the entire team is better off, so that seems like a reasonable ask to me. Doing absolutely nothing, waiting for the defense to start, and THEN deciding to kill husks is literally just throwing, though.

"I don't like jails, so I'm going to throw the mission." is the equivalent of a child throwing a temper tantrum because someone wanted to do something that they didn't. What is the point of toxic behavior like that?


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