Notes on Odyssey Alpha: The Genetic Sampler

Initial thoughts – generally a good starting point to polish and expand on. I may edit this to add other things and then post as issue/suggestions

  • There needs to be some more indication of what the hell you are initially meant to do. Eventually I figured out left mouse was a ping, hold right mouse to start the scanning release and then left click to lock in the rings
  • The ring completion can be very unnecessarily irritating, I think maybe the matching spinning thingie gets a little too fast with too short a window of opportunity especially on the last couple of rings – especially likely for older players (or lower spec machine framerates) without lightning reflexes of a teenage no scope one shot kill CSGO player.
  • The ping needs to give a longer range for the audible louder return "pong" directional cue on where to find the next valid genetically diverse part of a sample. Visually the range is fine, but if I could get a longer range audible cue on which direction to head to find more diverse samples that'd be cool and really useful (and would be similar to the audible clues for SRV rock searching).
  • There needs to be a clear warning that if you try to scan a different type of biological before fully completing the first type, you will 'burn' your existing progress on the first type. That was annoying for half a dozen attempts until I figured out what was happening
  • There is still the DSS green planet bug – scanning the planets does not look like the trailer which gives a nice blue tinge where the biologicals are likely to be. Just a near uniform green blob. This bug has been raised over a week ago and confirmed by many people
  • The FSS scanner still gives the number for Biological and Geological sites (as though they are targetable POI which they are not any more). Do those numbers now mean the abundance of individual types, the likelihood of finding any, or does this need to be fixed? A clue?
  • I have not been able to find any geological sites in any phase of alpha. Are they meant to be indicated by a colour on the (hopefully soon fixed) DSS scanner? At the moment that is just a mystery, again numbers are given but they are no longer targetable surface POI
  • Speaking of geology, I'd also like to see the new suit come with a geological sampling tool instead of the person scanner tool. If I am exploring out in the black it would be nice to also switch to sample rocks, and I'd not likely need to scan people out here. Give the science of geology some love dudes. I have more ideas on the actual gameplay there (kept within the bounds of not being too hard to implement), simple but rewarding.

Microbial mats, grasses and larger plant/shroom-likes… Great to see this variety (keep it expanding over time) and gives good opportunities for sight seeing 🙂


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