Noticable Changes to Woods Post-Wipe

For those who don't know what happened, BSG made a complete-wipe over the playerbase and a whole lot of stuff but here, we're gonna focus on just Woods and its majorly-overhauled map. Below are some pieces of info that I've personally-noticed so-far.

  1. For those doing Jaeger's quest from Mechanic, his NOTE location hasn't actually-changed once you find the cliff passage, though which now-shows a climbing rope(escape method).
  2. A good amount of the map has been redesigned to show more of a national reserve full of camps and civilization, with no-more annoying foliage all-over the place with terrible little nooks and crannies, so you will actually-find places worth your time to loot (including provisions and fuel in some spots)!
  3. South Vehicle Exfil has become the SUV on a bridge, but the requirement of 3,000 RUB in your inventory remains the same.
  4. Sniper Rock now-has its own place, similar to how Reserve has one by the Dome Tower [Cliff Descent, Red Rebel + Paracord needed.] but has a massive field of view. 'Hope you know how to calculate range, marksmen!
  5. The airplane crash site now-has an erect TREE just-by the watchtower which-houses Jaeger's Note instead of useless debris around, and there is no confirmation about loot inside of the plane.
  6. With most of the map redesigned, it's not going to be so-much an eyesore to go back and check your spots anymore. There's better areas to hide and escape from, a few sectors of the map have become sub-urban battlegrounds in the open and there's a lot…and I mean A LOT of loot point spawns!
  7. There's still a crapload of Scavs, so pack your shotguns and SMGs wisely.

If y'all got any special tidbits to add, drop them down into the comments whether you're a Scavvy rat, or a PMC who misses their home! If anything here is incorrect down to even the post's flair, just make a message and I'll take a look at it!

p.s.: Woods feels a bit-more like Reserve now..


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