Noticed some really weird cheats: Unarmed players running away when they see you, then reappear from cover with a gun and landing 2-3 instant lock shots.

I bumped into a hatched player near the electrical area on Interchange.

I hit him once, he disappears behind a wall. 3 seconds later reappears, and with very fast lock-on times lands 3 center mass shots. With a .45 1911 he was not carrying before. Because the encounter was at 20 meters.

Then in the same area, different day. Player runs away from me, again, unarmed, disappears behind cover, only to reappear. Lands 3 M61 shots in my armor within a second. That was about 80 meters away.

Cheating is really bad in this game.

It appears they try to bait you to chase them to "play" with you, and they have a wallhack and aimbot. Because when they re-appear from the corner, the shoot the instant a pixel of them is visible and land perfect shots.

With the cheats they had they could have shot instantly from farther, however it appears to be a new thing for them to make players chase them


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