Now that Cooldown Reduction doesn’t stack, how about introducing a few more cooldown related items?

Dota2 Mods

For example:

Support/Caster oriented:

Arcane boots (1300g) + Perseverance (1650g) + recipe (550g) = Soul Marchers (3500g):

  • 45 Movement Speed
  • 7 hp regen
  • 3 mana regen
  • 20% cooldown reduction
  • Active: Replenish Mana – Restores 175 mana to all nearby allies. (Potentially better numbers than arcane boots or the same)


Off lane/Core oriented:

Drum of Endurance (1700g) + Dragon Lance (1900g) + Ultimate Orb (2050g) + repice (1050g) = Tresdin's Battle Drums (6700g):

  • 30 strength
  • 25-30 agility
  • 20 intelligence
  • 20% cooldown reduction
  • Passive: Increases the attack range of ranged heroes by 140 and the attack range of melee heroes by 50 (Potential QoL for dragon lance as well).
  • Passive: Swiftness Aura – Grants 20 movement speed to allies.
  • Active: Endurance – Gives +45 attack speed and +13% movement speed to nearby allies for 6 seconds.


Personally I often find myself in situations where I wish I could acquired cooldown reduction, but my hero really isnt interested in most of the stats an Octarine Core provides, which leaves me with no other options. In the past, having more cooldown items would have been a complete disaster as I'm pretty sure we all have vietnam flashbacks of 7.29 puck, however thankfully we have moved past that and, in my opinion, the game will now greatly benefit from having more cooldown reduction options.

Both items intentionally have lower cooldown reduction than octarine/arcane blink.


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