Now that I played Cloggers …

Ciri Gwent witcher Game card

I've been a Cloggers hater since i joined the game in WotW but I had an open mind going in and expected the deck to be harder to pilot than it looks, I brewed a devotion version to make it more challenging and even put in Rience, so it's far from the meta version and it still went 1-8, that one being against Jackpot the strongest deck in the entire game.

Cons: It feels awful knowing you're playing the most toxic deck in the game, obviously if your Kolgrim gets Heatwave your deck is over and that's even assuming they draw it but that's it.

Pros: The game plan is very unique and it's fun thinning your deck to 0, making your opponent's deck huge is fun but it doesn't feel fair that the cards go on top of the deck even when I'm in the driver's seat.

My suggestion would be to make Viper Witcher and Coated Weapons shuffle instead of put on top, since ruining the draws is a win con for this deck Kolgrim can go back to Adrenaline 2.


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