NR balance

gerald witcher 3 gwent table

At this point is obvious that some of the NR mage package is Op, overturned at least, so, let's discuss, how to balance this ridiculous amount of points without killing the cards, here's my take.

Raffard's Revenge: 3 power 9 provisions, deploy instead of order, The thinning value of this catd, plus engine, plus possibility of being a thinning engine makes this card a monster to compete, getting rid off of the order makes this playable outside of Inspired Zeal, and also takes away its ability to thin more than 1 card, numbers can be changed.

Alumni: Ability changed to:

Deploy: If there's a Ban Ard Student and an Aretuza Student in your graveyard, gain zeal.

Order (Melee) Set the patience count of a Ban Ard Student in your graveyard to 0, then damage an enemy unit by that value.

Order (Ranged) Set the patience count of an Aretuza Student in your graveyard to 0, then boost an allied unit by that value.

This gets rid off the value of Shani, and copying Alumni would require that you have other Ban Ard students or Aretuza Students in your graveyard a high patience value, because each time an Alumni's order is used you have to sacrifice the value of a Student in your graveyard because it sets its value to 0


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