Odyssey and New ships.

Long story (TL;DR at the bottom):

I had a conversation with a friend, he got some interest on Elite Dangerous and asked me about the game. The conversation went as one would expect until I mentioned the newest expansion.

He asked me "Does it add new ships?"

So I said "Nope, No new-"

Something hit me right there…. For a space sim to release a $40 DLC that, Sure, it adds a lots of new stuff here and there and on a technical level could be argued those are nothing less than impressive but, Ships… the "center of core" gameplay of Elite really doesn't get anything new.

Something felt weird about it. My friend was looking for a space sim experience to try out and while Horizon will do just find to provide that, Odyssey… doesn't quite feel like an expansion to that space sim experience.

I couldn't even sell him Odyssey on the idea of all new gun combat because he already comes from a rich background of First Person Shooters…

I can't sell him Odyssey on exploration because at best I can tell him planets are better than the planets of Horizon that he hasn't even seen yet. and I won't even bother to tell him he can scan plants for a living and convince him that it's fun…

I don't know, Now I think Odyssey would have been a better sell if it had added a bit more on the core aspects of the game… but when I think about it, it feels like that expansion is just an on foot shooter minigame pasted on top of the base game.


Friend asked me if Odyssey had new exclusive ships , I replied No, and suddenly, to me, Elite's expansion felt like it had a genre identity crisis.

Would it had been better with new ship content added? Or is it just me who feels this way?

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