Odyssey : capture or kill missions. (+capture or kill bounty status)

Since the first announcement of Odyssey, i've been wondering if the devs were maybe not to lazy to implement some cool new gameplay features that the new oportunities of spacelegs now offer. So i've been thinking about bounty hunting in Odyssey a lot, and came to the conclusion that it would be awesome to have a "capture or kill" system in game that allows you to take wanted fugitives prisoner.

In practise i would imagine it the following: The fugitives bounty does now include a hefty bonus for taking them prisoner and transporting him to a specific station or detention center. This could be achieved by incapacitating them with a less lethal weapon (for example some form of futuristic taser), the incapacitation only lasts for a few seconds but it would give you enough time to restrain them. After taking the fugitive into custody, you can transport him either on foot, or with a srv to your ship (i thought that some sort of ship intern prisoner holding cell module would be cool for immersion, this would also allow you to "stack" prisoners). Now you would make your way to the location where the bounty was issued, or you can alternatively take them to one of the detention centers spread across the galaxy. If your prisoner was a high value target, there is going to be a chance of you getting interdicted by some pirates/ mercs that try to free him. So if you made it to the drop off location you would receive a generous bonus.

Overall i think that such a system would add a nice challange to bounty hunting and associated missions, since you would have to ensure your infiltration and/or escape to be succesfull without you or the fugitive getting killed, and it would add a lot of realism to bounty hunting overall.

This proposal obviously isn't an perfect idea, and it surely could be flawed due to the current AI of Odyssey, but i would just love to see a little bit more depth to bounty hunting, especially since this oportunity has only opened due to spacelegs.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/n75kcj/odyssey_capture_or_kill_missions_capture_or_kill/

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