Odyssey should add Fleet Carrier concourses/interiors

Okay, so I highly doubt that anyone from Fdev will actually read this. But on the slightest chance that my ramblings actually make it up the chain to someone in charge, here I am.

In the Odyssey FAQ, there was a question regarding fleet carrier interiors. Fdev responded something like: "We have nothing more to add to this at the current time."

As this is a classic Fdev non-answer, I'm pretty sure it's safe to assume that Odyssey won't feature carrier interiors at launch.

Since they already went through the trouble of figuring out how to implement station, outpost, and settlement interiors, they should really also add a basic interior to Fleet carriers as well. I'm sure that most commanders who are excited about Odyssey and own a carrier share this opinion.

However, some commanders are against it.

I've seen that the most common argument against carrier interiors is that it wouldn't be a good use of Fdev's time due to the fact that only a small fraction of players actually owning them.

And to that I say, grind some more credits you plebs! /jk

No but in all seriousness, I don't actually see that argument panning out for a couple of reasons:

1) A lot of commanders already use our carriers as a social meetup point to wing up with friends or travel somewhere as a group. Since this purpose was a large selling point for station interiors, it would make perfect sense to give carriers this feature as well.

2) Because of the above point, many commanders who don't own carriers still regularly interact with and benefit from them. This kind of nullifies that main argument against this feature.

There are a couple of other reasons that I believe would make carrier interiors worth implementing, but since they don't directly relate to the above counterpoint I'll just list them down here:

  • The new xenobiology gameplay loop. Carriers already have universal cartographics, so why not add a place for turning in our gene samples too? And since this is an Odyssey-exclusive feature, it would make sense to keep the theme of turning it in on foot. Having this on carriers would be very useful to explorers, similar to how universal cartographics is essential for exploration-based carriers.

  • Carrier interiors would partially lessen the blow of not getting ship interiors for a lot of commanders. Fdev knows that a lot of people wanted ship interiors. And while I don't speak for the entire community, I know that personally I would be less disappointed if I could at least walk around in my carrier.

  • You know those fancy carrier jump animations? Yeah, the ones that we can only actually see if we're getting left behind by our carriers? Many commanders (including me) would cry tears of joy if we could stand on the bridge during carrier jumps. I would do that every single time I moved my carrier. This feature alone would make carrier interiors completely worth it, forgetting everything else I said.


Carrier interiors should be implemented with Odyssey, because many people would benefit from them including commanders who don't own a carrier. And for many other reasons, listed above.

But what do you guys think? Any other comments or counter-arguments are welcome.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/msy10u/odyssey_should_add_fleet_carrier/

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