Odyssey Social Hub Daydreaming.

Now, I we'll start by saying this is meant to be a fun lighthearted "wouldn't this be kinda neat if…" Type post.

I bring this up because I know there are a ton of elite "Purists" who take posts like this a little too seriously and who absolutely hate the concept of Odyssey because they believe that the proper way to play the game is, space, or nothing. I'm not talking to these players, take your quadruple elite rank and bother a different post… Go on… Fetch.

That being out of the way.

Imagine for a moment if we had a starfleet academy style social hub on sol.

We already know we're getting a couple different types of social zones with space legs, for outposts and space stations and the like. But imagine if they gave us an actual destination on Earth to walk around on.

Now… I know, I know… This would require an absolute ton of coding and work to get anything done. They would have to completely model a new section of the game, dedicate time and resources to making it unique and interesting, getting ships to work on a planet with an atmosphere… Blah blah blah.

But, in a perfect world or an alternate universe imagine how amazing it would be if we could meet up on, say, a federation campus on Earth and walk around with fellow commanders.

They could have different exhibits that showcase exploration discoveries made by players. A whole section that talks about different movements going on with power plays. NPC's you could talk to for various work. Classrooms that showcase different styles of gameplay that you can do. Ect…

Again… I'm not saying that I think they're going to add this in with Odyssey, or anytime soon, or literally ever. I just think that it would be a really neat thing.

A person can dream.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mavbx7/odyssey_social_hub_daydreaming/

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