Odyssey space FPS needs a lot more… SPACE.

I've posted this in the official suggestions forum as well, but here is a copy for the Reddit crowd. I think FDev is half-baking their FPS gameplay, in their usual idiom. Here are some big changes I would like to see before I drop my money on Odyssey expecting to fully enjoy it:


The combat in Odyssey borrows heavily from the combat mechanics in Horizons: shields and armor, energy weapons for shields, kinetic weapons for armor and soft targets, etc.

Similarly, it would be very compelling gameplay if, while we were in stealth state, we were able to target specific "modules" on an enemy suit to disable the various subsystems and soften up the target. The buff tank baddies could be softened by stealth attacking them, disabling their shield generators at least temporarily and giving you a critical levelling of the playing field to take them out. You could take out their power unit, leaving them only with the power in their distributor's capacitor. You could target the O2 system, forcing them to run inside and seek the safety of a pressurized environment- effectively removing them from the fight.

I would also love to see stealth attacks involving the vacuum, like puncturing suits, cutting O2 lines, smashing out visors, and leaving the enemy to the void for a quick silent elimination.

Also, if I am in 1/3 gravity, I am going to bombard a base from about 2Km away with space mortars or snipe targets from a mile out because there is little-to-no bullet drop- before going in to clean up and complete objectives. I wold toss grenades by hand from 300m. None of this running in with an SMG and getting all up in the enemy's grill taking unnecessary risks. I would like to see the simulation aspect reflected in combat here!

So many possibilities to explore in combat here, if FDev actually embrace the fact that we are fighting in space and can develop robust systems like this that reward player creativity beyond just dumping more or better ammo into a target faster.

Anyway, thanks for coming to my TED Talk. o7

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mwch0v/odyssey_space_fps_needs_a_lot_more_space/

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