Odyssey Suggestion: Ship Interiors without long run times through large ships

Make rooms accessible via selectable lift to avoid long run times to get from ship entry to pilot seat to resolve the issue of traversing large ships vs small ships

Other ideas:

Have multiple ship interior layouts with different functions, such as:

Being able to sit/lay down on furniture/bed

Interact with sinks/showers/toilets

Interact with fridge/food replicator

Windows that can see out to present location of ship (Observation Deck, etc)

Include an autopilot or NPC crew that can fly the ship like APEX

Include optional room layouts beyond bare bones (Cockpit/Galley/Lav/Quarters) up to full suite (Captain's Quarters, Observation Deck, Lounge, Habitat, Gym, Medical Bay, Science Lab, Astrometrics, etc.)

Customizable color schemes/skins/decor/lighting


Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EliteDangerous/comments/mjbg34/odyssey_suggestion_ship_interiors_without_long/

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