Off-meta testing results: Dragon Weapons

Ranged weapons

  • Dragon's Roar (Assault Rifle)

Even though I mentioned that weapon in my previous posts. But i made a new test with the roman candle 6th perk

This weapon has perks you don't see in other weapons. First it pierces through hoards, also it has Built-In affliction damage. So if you have affliction damage as a 6th perk, it will stack with it. If you have the roman candle, it will turn into a great crowd control weapon

The only downside of this weapon is it being Semi-Auto

  • Dragon's Might (Shotgun)

This burst shotgun can do enough area of effect damage, the roman candle 6th perk adds insult to the injury. So using it with the right perks can become a great anti-nature gun

The downside of this shotgun that it eats shotgun ammo very fast and you have to reload every time after the burst

  • Dragonfire (Shotgun)

Honestly, it's not a bad shotgun and again, the roman candle 6th perk makes it even better

The downsides of this shotgun is the fire rate, range and the magazine size

  • Dragon's Claw (Sniper)

This sniper is different than the others. It shoots small dynamites that explodes in 2 seconds after it hits. Causing area of effect damage. With the right perks it could become a great crowd control and even better with the roman candle 6th perk.

  • Dragon's Breath (Pistol)

Even though it's not in the dragon weapons, but i'll consider it's one of them. This is the only dragon weapon that can be perked to different elements, Energy and Physical rather than being it locked to fire element. The roman candle is also affected by this change too!

The downside of this pistol is being it a shotgun styled pistol with two shots and long reload.

Melee weapons

  • Dragon's Fist (Hardware)

The only melee weapon that is capable of having the roman candle 6th perk! It's a great hardware weapon for those who are looking for a crowd control like melee weapon. The heavy attack can be a useful emergency close range escape

The downside of this hardware melee weapon is the attack speed but adding 2 attack speed perks can neglect it.

  • Dragon's Tooth (Sword)

Not a bad sword if you have the extra 44% damage against nature or explosion on 5th hit on the same target.

The downside is slower attack speed due to it being large sword.

  • Dragon's Fang (Spear)

Just a replica of Dragon's Fist except you cannot make it roman candle 6th perk and faster attack speed than Dragon's Fang


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