Off-meta testing results during the aftermath of Crowd Control effect: Boombox Weapons

Ranged weapons

  • Beat Blaster (Assault Rifle)

If you ask me, the crosshair of this weapon looks like it's a shotgun. But actually it's not. It's just fires 2 shots at once that can pierce through the crowds. The dancing husks 6th perk can make the sort of that work as well.

The downsides of that weapon is the short mag size and the sluggish reload speed.

  • Woofer (Shotgun)

It's like a boombox version of Maverick only it has the dancing husks 6th perk. At least it hits multiple husks harder than Maverick.

The downsides of this weapon is the slow rate of fire and limited mag size. And a limited range

  • Crescendo (Sniper)

A sniper that you can charge to the maximum and pierce through the targets? Yes please! If you used this weapon right, you can utilize the 6th perk perfectly.

The downside of that sniper is the slow rate of fire and it's a projectile based weapon.

  • Hot Mix (Pistol)

A piercing pistol that can make the husks dance and take fire affliction damage too! But i am sure this perk may be available in other boombox weapons. But yeah it works.

The downside of this pistol is being 2 shot burst. But it not that really bad.

  • Staccato Shotto (Shotgun)

The second shotgun in the game that is capable of shooting husks in long ranges! Also a great fire rate and it pierces through husks too. Makes this shotgun a great multi-purpose weapon

The downside of this shotgun is it being inconsistent in rare times, ADS (Aiming down sights) fixing it.

  • DeciBlaster (Explosive weapon)

The good thing about that launcher are the bouncy projectiles. useful when being used in trap tunnels

The downsides of this launcher is the short range and the ball of explosive energy (I made it energy) disappears instead of exploding.

Melee weapons

  • Earsplitter (Spear)

GET IT? The heavy attack splits your ears….no?….okay then 🙁

People may use it only because of the heavy attack, I use it as a crit based weapon. It's a great spear as well with it's long thrusting attacks.

No noticable downsides of this spear other than the attack speed

  • Mic Drop (Club)

It's the only club melee weapon that has the hardware melee weapon swing. Making it perfect for ED-EE loadouts and/or in general. The heavy attack can hit husks up to 2.3 tiles

The downsides of this melee weapon is the low damage. But can be neglected by adding Privateer Hype into your loadout.

  • Surround Pound (Hardware) [META WEAPON]

The possible challenger to Storm King's Fury. Yet I tried to use it to it's full potential. But yeah it's a great hardware melee weapon and you can further boost the knockback with Black Knight on command.

No noticeable downsides of this weapon

TL;DR: Those weapons are great crowd control weapons. If they just play some off-meta a bit….

NOTE: All of those weapons can be made to 2 crit damage 1 crit rating.


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