Off-meta testing results: Sci-Fi Weapons

Ranged weapons

  • Blastotron 9000 (Sniper Rifle)

It's a solid semi-auto sniper that can be a crowd control with the scattered 7 shots on crit 6th perk. You can perk it with 2 crit damage and 1 crit rating as well.

The downside for that sniper is being it a projectile based weapon.

  • Plasmatron 9000 (Pistol)

The first weapon that has the overheating mechanism that has been added to Fortnite Save The World. It can pierce through multiple targets with those rings. The scattered 7 shots on crit makes it an even better crowd control weapon. So fire until you overheat the damn thing!

The downside of this pistol is it's limited range for the rings and it cannot pierce through Riot huskies shield or the area shielders.

  • Pulsar 9000 (Shotgun) [META WEAPON]

The big brother for Plasmatron 9000. This is a shotgun that has the same projectile as the pistol but bigger and can pierce through shielders if aimed above their heads. But it doesn't have the overheating mechanism. And you know about the 6th perk.

The downside of this weapon is the same as the pistol, limited range for the big ring. Not to mention it consumes 4 energy ammo per shot. Eating Energy ammo too fast. Also the reload speed is a bit slow.

  • Blastotron Mini (SMG)

A great SMG that can be better if…you know about the 6th perk and stuff. The point is that it's great even without a hero loadout for it. You can add 2 crit damage and 1 crit rating on it as well.

  • Gammatron 9000 (Assault Rifle)

It's a solid AR with great damage. It may be good for anti tank but not that great with crowds unless you have the 7 scattershot 6th perk

The downside of this Assault Rifle is the burst mode

  • De-Atomizer 9000 (Explosive weapon) [META WEAPON]

Ah yes, The king of the scattershots. Each shot makes more than 11 scatter shots that is quite effective with crowds and big targets. Another weapon with the overheat mechanism.

The downsides of this weapon, like every launcher, it eats too much ammo per shot with a wooping 30 energy ammo per shot.

Melee weapons

  • Husk Wrapper (Hardware)

Nothing feels more satisfying than destroying a super encampment with a single heavy attack of this weapon. Not only it has the scatter shots 6th perk. But it also pulls the husks. Useful if you want to take down crowds or keep the husks away from the objective.

The only downside of this melee weapon is attack speed. But adding a single attack speed perk will neglect the negative effect.

  • Atomic Light Expander (Spear)

A great spear with long-thrusting attacks. And an area of effect crowd control heavy attack. And you know the deal with the 6th perk.

The downside of this weapon is also the attack speed. But can be neglected with a single attack speed perk

  • Astro-Bat 9000 (Club)

"look at me, I am the lobber now"

It's a great club with a long range heavy attack where you shoot an explosive ball of energy in long ranges. Turning you into your own nemesis. The lobber husks.

The downsides of this weapon is also the attack speed. And you know what to do.

TD;LR: The Sci-Fi weapons are great if you are looking for good weapons outside expansion weapons. But watch your batteries if you are going to use the ranged weapons.


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