Off-Meta testing results: Spy Weapons

  • The Papersprayer (SMG)

Personally, I prefer this over silenced specter due to the more free perk options and due to the stand still perks, and even less recoil than the specter. Also it has more range for an SMG.

No noticeable downsides from this SMG.

  • The Grunt (Assault Rifle)

If you don't like snipers, then this DMR is your solution. It's useful if you are playing First Shot Rio.

The downside of this DMR is the slower rate of fire

  • The Barrowbeater (Shotgun) [META weapon]

Ah yes, BR's favorite weapon. This shotgun is a great anti-tank weapon. And for you, nostalgia players, you can double pump using it.

The downsides of this weapon is it cannot be good with crowds and the fire rate is slow due to it being pump action shotgun.

  • The Turncoat (Pistol)

It's a solid pistol with good mag size as well.

The downside of this pistol is fire rate. It's either bugged or a balance change from the other mode affected it.

  • The Cyclops (Pistol)

Pretty good anti-tank pistol with a scope.

The downside of this pistol is having a good aim. And I am afraid I suck with this pistol on both modes lol

  • The Trinity (SMG)

Another solid SMG for taking down tanks. The alternative of The Lynx Assault Rifle from the military set.

The downside is burst mode

  • The Cleaner (Sniper Rifle)

Obliterator's younger brother. Except it packs a bigger punch with the standing still 6th perk. It also pierces through husks.

The downside it doesn't destroy buildings. It also doesn't pierce through shielders and riot huskies like it's older brother.

  • The Instigator (Bow)

This bow is useful if you have a hard time taking down tough targets.

No known downsides of this bow.

  • The Potshot (Explosive weapon) [META weapon]

The possible challenger for Storm King's Wrath. I am still trying to find a way to outclass the wrath using The Potshot.

No known downsides for this weapon.

  • All the spy weapons except The Instigator and The Potshot: You can apply 2 crit damage 1 crit rating on them all.

TL:DR: Spy weapons are another great set that can be a meta weapon set if it's in the right loadout and if it has the right perks.


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