Offlane hero that can carry that game?

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Like not literally a Safe Lane hero, I’m talking about Offlane hero that can carry the game no matter how sh*t or good the other lane and player will be.

And I’m not asking because I’m salty or saying the team I played with is noob. I genuinely want to play an Offlaner that can contribute and bring the team to success. An Offlaner that can bring back losing game. An Offlaner that never lose lane. An Offlaner that doesn’t need to rely on other player.

What’s a good one right now? I tried Underlord, Tide, Centaur, Night Stalker. They were good Offlane. Good initiations and tank, but did we win? No. They really felt underwhelming in fight. Sure they have AOE stuns and team fight, but what’s the point if more than half of the time the team couldn’t use that opportunity to dish out enough damage or impact with it. What’s the point of being able to be tanky if no one is gonna take advantage of that.

Tried Mars. He’s good. Really overwhelming in fights. But Mars is being banned constantly. I need more heroes to try.

I’m thinking
– Viper
– Batrider

But the issue is no one will frontline if I play them. And obviously I can’t always rely on my Pos4 and Pos5 to adapt.

So any suggestions?


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