Offline with Friends

I know this topic has been beat to death, but I’m curious as to why offline with friends would be difficult to implement.

It’s been a struggle to get my friends into the game when they can’t “practice.” Especially this late into a wipe. Biggest possible detriment to the game I’ve seen discussed is “cheaters would figure out how to farm gear” or something along those lines.

Probably better to implement the system now and fix bugs, than have it be later in the game’s life cycle? This would also add a PvE only aspect to the game. People who don’t want to initially interact with sweaty chads can have their fun with no risk alongside the core game mode. No loot extracted so no harm done. No exploit.

I just figure that the multiplayer/squad system is already in place so I’m not sure of the difficulty adding it into the offline mode. New players would be 2000% more receptive. Really love the game and just want it to be timeless with a constant flow of new players.

If I am way off track please drop some knowledge. Cheers.


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