Okay… I’m bored of Tarkov now :(

I never thought I'd actually say this…

But I'm officially bored of Tarkov now.

It's not the getting killed by rats or anything like that because that happens in every game, it's the same shit every single raid, every single day, run round, find some loot, kill some people and leave.

I literally used to only care about running around and killing other players and scav bosses but now I even find that boring.

After level 40 there is no reason to keep playing as you have all traders maxed and probs already have kappa.

The majority of my friends quit about a month ago due to the same thing and I dunno if it's because I'm playing alone or if it's the lack of things to do now…

I really hope they add lots of new quests or random missions etc. to do to keep the game alive and fun in the future just to keep giving us content.

Does anyone else ever feel like this at the min?

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/mwhkba/okay_im_bored_of_tarkov_now/

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