Okay, lets talk about Wild Hunt and White Frost

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After about 3 days of testing multiple variations of White Frost (inclusive of Wild Hunt variants), I realize that the archetype really has a long way to go. Here are just my thoughts on some of the cards in this package:

Auberon King: He maybe the leader of the WH but this card can feel awkward to play at times. He is strongest in a Devotion deck when he gets Zeal and the ability to boost WH units by 1. However, his deploy ability is like playing Russian roulette. You really don't know what you are gonna get until you pull the trigger and at 12 provisions, this card makes me mald at times.

Recommendation: Give him the Braathens and Hattori treatment and allow him to "Create and play a bronze Wild Hunt unit from your starting deck." This change reduces the randomness and allows your deck to be more consistent and also allows Auberon the option to consistently thin the Wild Hunt Rider if you meet the condition. It also incentivizes you for actually going through the trouble of actually building a WH deck.

Imlerith: I built a number of WH decks and I avoided this card for a number of builds. The card's design is supposed to help you gain dominance and thin a card at the cost of discarding (Succubus takes advantage of this mechanic well although I need a bit more experience with this combo). At 10 provisions though, I find it hard to include this card regularly even with Yghern.

Recommendation: Reduce his provisions to 9.

Ard Gaeth: This card feels horrible sometimes. Given the change to Ancient foglet, AG doesn't feel bad if you got 1 on the board but all of its value is really tied to Foglet. I actually think this was a poor choice for the Monster's Echo card.

Recommendation: Remove the Echo from this card and give it to Naglfar.

Winter Queen: This card is horrible. When included in the deck, its a potential brick you have to watch out for during the mulligan phase. It summons itself on double frost and after that round, it is never to be seen again.

Recommendation: Allow this card to work like Crow Mother from SK and the Flying Redanian from SY and summon from the graveyard.

The Apiarian Phantom/ Wild Hunt Hounds: Will do these together. I kind of began to like them based on their provision costs. They were cheap units that I could manipulate to get Dominance through the use of Spontaneous Evolution (their beast tags allow them to be boosted by 8). I do think the hounds need + 1 power but generally these cards are okay.

Recommendation: +1 power to hounds.

I didn't play Navigator or Warrior other than through Auberon's Roulette but each of them felt horrible when I played them. I know they are only 4 provisions but Conqueror is the newer card of the bunch at the provision and I would rather use that card every time over those 2. They need rework but I am not sure to what right now.

I don't know how many other people attempted to wrack their brain with WH/WF this weekend but feel free to mention your own experience below so we can exchange notes. Who knows, maybe we can figure out a viable deck.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/gwent/comments/n8n2ov/okay_lets_talk_about_wild_hunt_and_white_frost/

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