Old Tarkov player struggling to adapt

I dont know if its just me or if other people feeling this way to but i am struggling to even have good raids now. I played this game alot since 2016 and was able to kill everyone in raids and never die. Now I struggle to win any gunfights, make money, or even get out of raids alive. Ive tried to switch playstyles bc i used to be super aggressive but ive had literally no success. Ive noticed i cant ever kill anyone in the dorms or buildings. I run around for 40 mins some raids to never find a soul and get 1 tapped by a players in the middle of no where. Im not sure if the guns im using just arent as good anymore or im missing some key things during fights that i should be doing now. I used to be very accurate and now i hit maybe 6 shots out of like 90 lmao. I used to use as val alot and the rsass, m1a. Just looking for any tips anyone has to get going in the game again and get back to old dominant form.

Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/EscapefromTarkov/comments/jcgqef/old_tarkov_player_struggling_to_adapt/

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