omg guys i hate toxic dota players

Windranger DOTA 2 Hero phantom lancer

hey guys, i wanted to let you guys know that….

yup, i hate toxic teammates

i know, its kind of an insane, but i just fucking hate toxic people. they are so toxic and always so negative. honestly, it makes no sense. i just don't understand why we can't play the game? can we just play?

why do we have to argue all game? just cuz you cant keep it together in your home life? wow, what a hateful person. you shouldn't even be playing video games. you're stupid as shit for putting video games before fixing your toxicity, fuck you.

you know what, muted, im not playing with you. all of you guys are so toxic. cant even focus on just playing.


maybe, just maybe, sometimes bad things happen. if you are so sure of yourself being righteous and nice, then maybe you're the toxic one. it's toxic to expect perfection every game like that, and think that you can do no wrong. everyone makes mistakes, and slips up sometimes. someone might insult you, or say something rude. you don't have to burn them at the stake for it


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